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Key Deck

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Ready to use wood decking

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Cheaper than TREX, not found in Home Depot

This unique, high-quality decking is designed for homes in climates like ours. Made by Keyland Decking out of New Zealand, the prefinished and pressure treated natural wood decking is well-suited for the moisture of the Pacific Northwest. Comparable, yet more expensive, products on the market include Trex, TimberTech, and Fiberon.

The unique proprietary process used for Key Deck enables a blend of protective oils and color pigments to be infused into the wood for a highly durable, prefinished, natural wood decking well-suited to the Northwest climate. This process also protects the wood from decay and damage from insects.

Choose your color

Key Decking is available in two colors, Natural Amber and Antique Gray, in lengths from 6’-16’. When used with the Camo fastening system, this decking surface is smooth and free from fasteners and virtually maintenance-free.

Smooth surface with little maintenance

Key Deck is coated using a patented infusion coating process which enables a blend of protective oils and color pigments to be infused into the wood far exceeding that achievable by traditional brush or spray systems.

Wood and decking in particular performs best when the surface is protected and the wood can keep its natural elasticity, especially during the first periods of weathering. This is why the infused factory coating is so important. The coating is designed to weather consistently over time to maximize the benefits while avoiding issues with traditional paint or stain film failure. The coating can be easily reapplied or left to weather off the surface whilst still retaining the benefits of deeper oil penetration.

Natural wood, sustainably managed

Key Deck is made from solid wood harvested from sustainably managed New Zealand forests. Quarter-sawn, straight, vertical grain, 100% clear boards are injected under vacuum with an arsenic-free treatment against decay and insect damage, as well as a highly durable fully-penetrating oil finish.

Keyland’s products are produced from responsibly sourced, sustainable plantation forests, including our flagship Key Deck which utilizes leading edge technology to produce a superior, natural wood decking product. The Keyland products have proven performance in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and the Pacific region for more than 15 years with continual improvement and product innovation to ensure the decking products can be the best they can be in terms of performance, appearance, and environmental impact.

Our Decking Brands

Key Deck is a stunning, natural timber decking product produced from sustainable pine enhanced utilising the triple technologies of quartersawing for stability and superior performance, new generation wood protection with guaranteed product durability, and a patented oil and colour impregnation process.

Kentwood Flooring is committed to creating the world’s most beautiful, durable and desirable wood floors. Floors that explore the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood. Floors that make bold, distinctive design statements for the contemporary home.

Provenza leads the industry in the style, design and innovation of Hardwood and Waterproof LVP products, exceeding the demands of builders, architects, interior designers and residential consumers.

We are proud to be a vendor for Keyland Decking, based out of New Zealand.

Limited product available for a limited time. Sales reps are available 8 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.