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Our Okoumé Marine plywood is graded as being compliant with BS-1088, which is the British Standard for marine plywood. Our Marine Okoume plywood has a Lloyd’s of London stamp that certifies it to be BS 1088.

The Hardwood Centre carried Hempwood

A premier wood substitute with the smallest ecological footprint of any lumber alternative

HempWood can be used for construction materials, flooring, furniture, and more.

HempWood® flooring is a first of it’s kind. Additionally, it is the only form of hardwood hemp flooring on the market today. This sustainable material not only boasts an impressive durability but also a commitment to an eco-friendly product. Hemp opens the door to protecting native forest systems and eliminating deforestation.

HempWood® is the first pressed hemp building material available for purchase in the United States, ever. HempWood® Lumber is suitable replacement for traditional solid hardwoods such as White Oak in most interior non-structural products and processes. Some current HempWood® applications include- benches, shelves, cutting boards, trim, window frames, dressers, tables, and more!

Marine Grade Brands

We stock the highest quality marine grade plywood from TigerPly in thicknesses from ¼”-¾”. Sourced from sustainably managed forests in Gabon, Okume is both very lightweight and stable. This full Okume plywood has clear faces, no plugs, and 9 plys of whole piece Okume make up the core of this 11-ply marine grade plywood. No-void edges and phenolic glue make this plywood rated for edge exposure, and an attractive industrial plywood that can stand up to the harshest of marine environments.

Kentwood Flooring is committed to creating the world’s most beautiful, durable and desirable wood floors. Floors that explore the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood. Floors that make bold, distinctive design statements for the contemporary home.

Provenza leads the industry in the style, design and innovation of Hardwood and Waterproof LVP products, exceeding the demands of builders, architects, interior designers and residential consumers.

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